The Branding Goal

Bull Ownership



Year 1394: Mofid Agency’s previous designs used to consist of a set of colors, interior designs, catalogues and a logo that lacked both unity and distinction.
Therefore, the first step to make was to create a strategic unique design for that brand. According to the researches done by VAND Team, Bull and bear are the two well-known symbols in the world economy that stand for rise and fall in stock index respectively. Etymologically speaking, the two terms stem from the animals’ unique actions. When stock index is rising it’s like the bull thrust its horns up into the air, whereas when the index is falling it’s like a bear that swipes down the market.

Similar to any other daring idea, it was resisted at first. However, Vand Team could convince Mofid’s Board of Management to accept that it is a strategic decision for the leader of Iran stock market to use bull sign.

Soon after the public presentation of this unique strategic design, it could highly impress the financial markets which resulted into lots of cooperation invitations for Vand Team. Interestingly enough, what they all had in common was this sentence: we want to be like Mofid Agency!

The aforementioned sentence not only attracted a great number of projects to Vand, it was also approval of the rightness of Mofid’s new strategic designs.
Back then, there was a Sheik who wasn’t visible enough because he was wearing simple outfits. But when he changed his clothing, people started respecting and loving him at once. Morally speaking, the purpose of this anecdote is to warn us against the vice of shallowness. In fact, it nvites us to pay attention to human dignity. However, from a strategic point of view, it implies a completely different story. Mofid project is a vivid example approving the fact that as long as a brand’s touch points are not in a perfect harmony with its strategic identity, it would have a destiny similar to that of the Sheik. That is to say, as long as a brand cannot find the best outfit which not only fits it but also reflects its inner values, it cannot take the steps toward success or find a distinct position in the market. Additionally, it would be impossible for it to save its current position and provide its audience with its capabilities fully.
By strategic design we don’t mean beautifying an organization. In fact, strategic design is there to design an organization based on its strategic position. Otherwise, just like the Sheik who was misunderstood because of its clothing, it wouldn’t be appreciated well.





  • Briefing
  • Benchmarking
  • International Competition Analysis
  • Design Strategy
  • Mood Board Design
  • New Logo Design
  • Detail design of Stationeries
  • Logo Guideline
  • Visual Identity of sub Brands
  • Logo Design for Idea Mofid
  • Logo Design for Entekhab mofid
  • Logo Design for Easy Trader







Visual Identity at the Interior Design; Concept Architecture Office




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