Brand Design a Magician

Mel & Moj Branding Project



The core of Moj&Mel’s strategic identity is about being mysterious and magical. Thus, for responding this desire, we employed both dark colors and shadowy visual spaces. The logo is designed as a face without any details in it to deliver more suspiciousness. The angles are moderate ones, neither too sharp nor too soft. Moreover, this project successfully paved the tough way of matching Persian logotype with English one to represent the same identity.



Mood Board Design
Logo Design
Detail Design of Flags
Detail Design of Catalogue
Detail Design of Stationery
Detail Design of Folders & Envelopes
Detail Design of Stamps
Detail Design of Events
Detail Design of Roll-ups
Detail Design of Quick Guides
Detail Design of Invitation
Template Design of Social Media
Template Design of Posters
Template Design of Certifications
Template Design of Presentations
Advertising Design



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