The Branding Goal

Persian in Paris



There are many stories behind the history of tea in Iran. According to one of these narratives, in 1276 (Solar year), there was a man called Muhammad Mirza Qajar Qavanloo, later entitled Kashef Al Saltana in Muzaffar ad-Din Shah Qajar court. When he was returning from India, he hid some tea seeds in his cane and brought them to Iran. He was a Sorbonne graduate who was later chosen as Iran’s General Council. Later, he was sent to India where he first thought of the idea of growing tea in his homeland.

Presently, in twenty first century, Kashef Al Saltana’s grandchild, the owner of MahsaTea brand, seeks for exporting her grandfather’s fruition to France.
MahsaTea is a brand based in both Tehran and Paris. It provides Iranian tea for the French customers. Although MahsaTea is a high quality brand, before its cooperation with Vand Team, it wasn’t able to achieve the competitive advantage in French market, because at that time there we so many rivals all around the world who provided the market with the same quality level.

In its first meeting with MahsaTea and after some researches, Vand team members came to this result that even though this brand is not as distinct as other famous tea brands in the market, it can follow the “attention economy” strategy so that the audience would choose MahsaTea among tens of brands. From a strategic point of view, packaging is not merely limited to the packages. That is to say, it adds some value to the products. A strategic package can be powerful enough to motivate a customer to not only buy that product only for its package, but also use it as a decorative item in their home/office.

Plus the abovementioned strategy, we have been inspired by monochrome strategy in designing this product. Also, the green color used in the package design makes it impossible for the audience to ignore MahsaTea.



  • Briefing
  • Competition Analysis
  • Competitive Design Strategy
  • Mood Board Design
  • Logo design
  • Detail design of Stationeries
  • Logo Guideline
  • Package Design

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