The Branding Goal

An ordinary bank which become premium



In 1396, when Bank Ayandeh started working with Vand Company, we held some meeting to determine the project’s strategic reason. Before that, Banke Ayandeh used to be an ordinary private bank just like other private banks. During the meetings, bank managers asserted their willingness to promote the bank status from an ordinary private bank to a bank that is devoted to give services to special customers.

The bank’s board of directors demanded to keep two items unchanged in the rebranding project:

However, the strategic analysis of designs, showed that both items above should undergo some changes to rebrand Bank Ayandeh appropriately. Otherwise, the task of rebranding would be impossible either for the bank’s marketing team or Vand branding team.

The main decision criteria for Vand Company is strategy rather than personal taste. So, as a strategic decision we suggested the board of directors in Bank Ayandeh to change the bank design, logo and color. However, these changes were too slight to make a fundamental transformation in the bank’s brand identity.

Also, Vand team replaced brown with white and added some changes in its logo’s form and color in order to promote Bank Ayandeh from an ordinary private bank to a premium bank. The delicate obsessively selected details related to the banks branding were gathered in a 205 pages brand book. The details in this brand book were so meticulously chosen. Those details even include the stamp color of the bank branches, the color of senior managers’ signature, and the dishes at the reception.