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2080 Branding Project 


2080 is a chain café which has started its work from West Asia. The aim of 2080 is to compete in the market of international chain coffee shops, such as Nero, Costa, and Starbucks, and get its very own share of it. the owners of this brand have already some successful experiences from running start-ups in Iranian restaurants market. One of their remarkable stories is Mr. Dizi Chain restaurant by which they could get a namely share of the fast-food market.

In the first meetings held between 2080 and us, the brand did not have a name yet, and they were looking for a strategic name for their brand. Thus, the work of VAND INTERNATIONAL’s strategy team began and after running few sessions and taking related surveys, the strategy team came up with a strategic finding. This finding went as follow:

The target of the brand’s name should not be its meaning, but how easily it would be called and remembered. Therefor, 2080, inspired by Pareto rule, was chosen. It is both simple and short which can be said effortlessly and recalled fast provoked by its relation with Pareto rule.

Even to line up the name with chosen strategy, the design strategy team decided, in designing the logo, to put the 20 up and 80 down to prevent its false pronunciation and be read as two thousand and eighty. 

With regards to dedicating its proper strategy, a calm and respectful individual was chosen for 2080 by the strategist. So, all the colors, designs, atmosphere, uniforms, and even the manner of personnel were chosen as to reflect both calmness and respectfulness of the brand’s personality. It seems like 2080 with a formal outfit and a casual behaviour, takes of its jacket, folds its sleeves, and hosts its guests.




Mood Board Design
Logo Design
Detail Design of Flags
Detail Design of Catalogue
Detail Design of Stationery
Detail Design of Folders & Envelopes
Detail Design of Stamps
Detail Design of Events
Detail Design of Roll-ups
Detail Design of Quick Guides
Detail Design of Invitation
Template Design of Social Media
Template Design of Posters
Template Design of Certifications
Template Design of Presentations
Advertising Design





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