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Simplicity as a Means to Create Distinction

M Brows, based in Ohio, USA is a famous cosmetic brand in North America. During first meetings between VAND INTERNATIONAL and M Brows, we found out that the brand’s major objective was to get the maximum attention -compared with its competitors- from its audience.




The main challenge VAND INTERNATIONAL was faced with in the case of M Brows strategic design, was to create distinction in its brand identity. Therefore, the Vand strategists decided to apply the monochromatic strategy in the ornamented polychromatic atmosphere of cosmetic brands so that the brand could offer the maximum level of distinction in the simplest form ever. Therefore, we used white – colorlessness- as the dominant color that covered 95% of the whole design.

VAND INTERNATIONAL cooperated with some Chinese and German companies in this project. As a result of this cooperation a universally acclaimed design like other strategic designs by Vand was created for M Brows Company. This design not only brought distinction as a competitive advantage to M Brows, but also improved its brand identity to a large extant.





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