Branding Partnership Program

Because Branding Will Change Start-up’s Destiny

We decided to invest on a hand-picked start-up each season, and do its branding and brand designs. This type of investment is a competitive opportunity and volunteers should win the competition held on each season. The nominated start-ups should have these primary features:
✓ Have a complete ready-to-launch proposal
✓ Have a signed agreement between partners
✓ Ready to sign a long-term contract with VAND INTERNATIONAL, and stay committed
✓ Have risen at least half of the fund that the start-up desires for running the business (in case it has not been already run)
✓ Be ambitious and ready to take extra mile to achieve greater goals
✓ Ready to answer these questions:
” Why? What? How? ”
” What is your frame of competition? ”
” Market you compete in? In which level? How about scales? Its specific border lines? ”
” Where do you currently stand on in the market? Where do you think you should be? ”
” Have you made revenue so far? How much? How about profit? ”
” In which stage your business is? Start? Growth? Mature? Outdated? ”
” Business perspective within next 5 years. “
On the last month of each season (March / June / September / December), submission is enabled and applicants should upload their proposals at the bottom of this page. All submitted proposals will be evaluated on the first month of next season (April / July / October / January).

As the result, only 1 proposal will win the full brand design package each round, and VAND, by being its branding partner, will invest on their innovative idea.

The start-ups with
Humanitarian or Sustainable ideas
have higher chance to win the full package.

Branding Partner
A long-term partnership in which VAND INTERNATIONAL will play as one of your business’s shareholders with agreed share. In this case, we offer you not only the full package services, but also a long-term brand partnership which will be developed alongside your brand’s growth.

Are You Interested?

Fill this primary form before 30th September, and we will contact you for further details:

Is there another way
to get the branding service?

Yes, In the form of a short-term contract in which VAND international will empower your brand within an intense timeline by charging the chosen package price.

We offer
3 different




Discovery session

Point of parity

Point of difference

Brand personality

Brand positioning

Strategic message

Brand story

Brand architecture

Brand archetype

Strapline development / Tagline

Content guideline

Logo design

Color pallets

Font specifications

Photography style guide

Custom icon set

Ready-to-use icons suggestion

Signature pattern / Super graphics

2-sided Business card design

Email signature design



Presentation template


Welcome package

Investors pitch presentation

Social media graphics

Profile picture

Social media covers

Social media stories

Online advertising design

Website graphic design

Crowd funding page

Branding applications

Brand guidelines

Logo usage guide


Cover primary
desires of a brand



Help to build
a solid brand



ssist brand to reach its 100% capacity with a booming start


Features those you can separately add to your basket:

+ Dress code design (£500 - £1,000)
+ HR training (£300 - £1,000)
+ Linkedin hints (£500)
+ Interior design guideline (£3,500 - £8,000)

Begin Your Branding Process

So, do not hesitate to drop us a message and set a meeting to learn more about
VAND INTERNATIONAL and how we can assist you to turn your exhilarating idea into a successful business.

Brand design
is super important

No doubt about it … but what actually makes it a superior for start-ups is that, it not only affects brand’s audience, but also has a significant influence on both potential and current investors. The difference between having a remarkable and appropriate strategic brand design, and not having it, will be showed up from fund raising stage. In this stage, you will convince VCs to invest in your idea, or you will be forgotten like dozens of other ordinary start-ups that every single day pup up and disappear in the blink of an eye.

VAND INTERNATIONAL has a thorough background in working with various start-ups in different industries, either with big ideas and heavy pockets or out-standing ideas and limited budget. Our team includes experienced branding consultants who have helped numerous businesses and start-ups for branding projects. Moreover, This UK based consultancy won many remarkable brand design awards, and held its first international brand design competition in 2021.


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