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We are a team of designers and strategists who believe in the fact that designs should be strategic, too. In the previous years, we have done more than 80 projects around the world in different countries such as Italy, France, UAE, Canada, and USA and …

One Color is
During the years that we have worked in different markets and industries, a common issue in many brand designs has always been shown up . . . the purpose of the design has been buried under a vibrant design using too many colours in.
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“Graphic design” begins with organizing the visual elements in the frame, while “brand design” begins with analyzing an organization’s brand strategies. So the brand designer must be able to first read the branding strategies, know the language and structure.

A brand designer never translates brand strategies into an image, but analyzes it to determine the right design for that organization. An organization can be a cultural magazine, or a bank, or a social campaign.
The “Brand Design” course is planned to help graphic designers be able to complete and complete brand design projects.

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Graphis Silver Award
International Design Award
A' Design Award
Agile Solutions
By this tool, you will be able to develop the brand strategies in 7 days, then you can easily pass it to your designers for final implementations
Do your organization’s designs follow the strategic business objectives?
If you want to talk about your brand’s design, drop us a message to schedule a meeting.
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February 2019
Meaningless Shapes
An interview with Touraj Saberi Vand on his book “Meaningless Shapes” Art is a language.
February 2020
Designers Die Twice!

Generally speaking, death of the author is a term in hermeneutics, while design is a practical field.

January 2020
Modern Superstition
Superstition is generally resulted from one’s mental laziness. It refers to the  simplistic acceptance of everything that is easily accessed.
November 2020
Design in Politics
Triumph of the Will is a Nazi propaganda film about and ordered by Hitler. The movie is full of images that would help the audience to have a semiotic analysis of the Nazi Germany…
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