Do your designs follow the business objectives?

The experienced business managers know that brand, and the designs inspired by it, are two of main key points for enabling the company to achieve strategic business objectives. They are fully aware that the audience judge solely based on the brand and its images (touchpoints), regardless of behind-the-door of the organization, production line, facilities, or even the quality of services and products.


The brand and related designs of a company can display different inspiration of brand image, either stronger or weaker version of it. But exhibiting even a better version of a brand is not the purpose of branding. Indeed, the true mission of a brand, and designs, is carving out a thorough and simple way to connect with the ideal audience, and giving them the message that “This is the brand which you have desired”. Thus, the brand and the designs ought to be aligned with organization’s strategic targets.


Hence, distinguishing that if brand, designs and strategic objectives are in harmony, is a challenge. The design strategists at VAND International have designed this service to help the managers. In a quick look, our process goes as:


First, we as design strategists, by holding several meetings with companies’ managers, collect and check the information related to the organization’s perspective and strategic objectives of the current designs of company.


In next step, we prepare a report in which it will be stated that whether the designs and the brand of corporation are aligned with strategic goals and ideal brand audience or not.

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