MAR 2020

A critique on the word customer

It is neither ethical nor professional to call people who are made out of flesh and blood just like us “customers”.

SEP 2020

Financial Institutions Branding

Although the proverb “people take everything at face value” might be a sarcastic attack on people, it has a logic in its core that worth contemplation.

AUG 2020

The Relationship between Image and Conception in Branding

No matter if you are a manager, an advisor or a designer, as long as you regard design a work of art, you are not even a little bit close to it.

JUN 2020

Strategic identity errors

Many ideas that we know –like love, friendship, etc. – can only be defined in relation to other ideas. That is to say; the other is required for a meaning to be implied.

FEB 2019

Meaningless Shapes

An interview with Touraj Saberi Vand on his book “Meaningless Shapes”Art is a language.

FEB 2020

Designers Die Twice!

Generally speaking, death of the author is a term in hermeneutics, while design is a practical field.

JUN 2020

Modern Superstition

Superstition is generally resulted from one’s mental laziness. It refers to the simplistic acceptance of everything that is easily accessed.

14 FEB 2021

Design in Politics

Triumph of the Will is a Nazi propaganda film about and ordered by Hitler. The movie is full of images that would help the audience to have a semiotic analysis of the Nazi Germany…

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